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Anita Ivette Ferrer
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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Prayer Breakfast Jumping Brook, Neptune, NJ

Journal Entry, Sept 11, 2010

Music, clapping and loud voices emanated from the dining room where the Prayer Breakfast was to take place at Jumping Brook Gold club Hubby Mark and I entered to see a parade of our warrior saints marching around the rooms with their arms raised in joy.

I know, I was there for one reason, to join forces and celebrate our Heavenly father, the Most high God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I wanted to unite in power, prayer and authority and give the enemy a couple fo good black eye he would never forget. Our worship leader was roamed around the perimeter of the room like a growling predator seeking its prey. She was spiritually preparing the way for us to surround and conquer.

Our focus was on praying for our nation and polishing our spiritual armor by first crying to God for forgiveness for our personal, community and national sin. The air bristled with the Holy Ghost Power.

Several of our brethren approached to podiums with strong words of faith. With each, word, the momentum of the morning quickened as we listened and agreed their aggressive decrees. God was certainly here this morning and the breakfast could wait!

As I was savoring the Holy Ghost aroma, my camera was taking in all of the excitement of the Holy ghost shenanigans! Donna came up to share a word, Pastor Sandra opened in prayer and then I opened up with what God has so heavily placed on my heart all month. We shall go forth welding God’s power because He ordained it. I prayed for the women of Afghanistan and the middle East, bearing the burden of their stifling Burkas. God was reminding me of how blessed we Christian women were here in the united States. Jesus anointed the women to announce His return right after his resurrection, and we have inherited the blessing!

I prayed out loud boldly, knowing God was listening. I was sharing some of His heart. We were victories soldiers enlisted in God’s army and were always on the front line. We had to be ready and equipped. Our ammunition was powerful prayer and fasting and I even joked that many could afford it. I couldn’t to pray that we would aggressively stem the tide of the enemy by our .fasting like queen Esther beseeching the secular king. We served a mighty God.

But there were also people all over the planet still imprisoned by sin, their tradition and even their own religion. I ended my prayer by saying, America Bless God.

Richard came up, led by the Spirit and spoke about the Koran it’s lies. Then Pastor Sandra asked for any remaining people to speak before she gave the blessing. Mark raised his hand and walked with purpose to the podium. Mark flowed with the Spirit and although not surprised, was moved that he was becoming more and more confident to pray in public and even challenging all to stop, look and listen to what we were allowing to happen in our country by not praying for our president and his cabinet. It was a moving prayer, so similar to Nehemiah’s holy assembly thousands of years ago.

Pastor Ehraim was doing a beautiful job filing, while I continued to take pictures of the significant happens that was taking place before my eyes. Pastor Sandra called me up to share my song, “Psalm 91" as we prepared for Pastor Margaret to come up to give her word.

The stately woman shared from Jeremiah 29:11 and for the next half an hour, we got an amazing sermon about God’s powerful plan for our lives. Pastor Margaret shared her testimony about her healing and then she and the elders laid hands on me. I had to drop my husband off to meet his friend for a week-end getaway. When I back, most of the worshipers had left or were leaving. I saw pastor Margaret and called out to her. I grabbed her with a bear hug and thanked her for the magnificent morning. Her lovely brown eyes radiated with the presence of GOD as she prayed a new unction over me that I know has changed me forever. What a glorious time I had and not even a drop of liquor. No drug or alcoholic drink could compare with being drunk in the HOLY GHOST!

God has placed some ordinary, formerly broken nobodies in Pastor Sandra’s life. Richard, Mike, Donna, Sister Earlie, Mark and I sit under the tutelage as she teaches us to plunge into God’s depths. It is an exciting and arduous journey.

We made a huge dent in hell today, Sept 11, in memory of our comrades and public servants who lost their lives 9 years ago. Yes, our moral fibers have disintegrated drastically, but God is still on the throne. God’s people, though a remnant, are still walking in authority and power in the Holy Ghost. The enemy thinks he’s winning. He may be winning small battles, but the final and greatest battle has been won by Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of Lords.

If we face each day with the power and determination we all felt and experience at that prayer breakfast every week we will be victorious I’m still basking in the Holy embers of our day with the King. We are on the threshold of stupendous miracles and evangelism. God has indeed promoted me to journey in the elite procession of “Worship Warriors’.

He has called us to come up higher to a new level. Lord, here we are. Amen.

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